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  • Why do my Fujita Brake ceramic pads still make dust? You claim they produce "less brake dust than OEM"!
    Unfortunately, brake dust is inevitable from every type of brake pad. It is impossible to eliminate dust completely from the vehicle, and an absence of dust would cause vibration. However, FUJITA BRAKE strives to manufacture brakes with less dust..

  • My brakes make noise, aren't you supposed to quieter than OEM?
    Squealing is common in all new brake products. Please allow brake pads to break in for at least 1,000 miles in order to further examine cause of brake noises. The initial break-in will allow mechanics to determine if the rotors or brake pads are causing the noise.

  • I just installed your pads and now my car vibrates when I hit the brakes. What happened?
    If you find that there is vibration in your rotors, make sure to inspect your vehicle’s rotors consistency by checking for grooves, imperfections or indentations. If you are unable to perform these inspections, please take your vehicle in to your local mechanic for inspection. Majority of the time, if a vehicle’s rotors are vibrating then new pads and rotors are necessary.

  • Do I need new rotors before installing new brake pads?
    Before installing new brake pads, please have your local mechanic inspect your rotors for wear and tear. If the rotor is not within the circumference limited, it is advised that the rotors be replaced before the new brakes are installed.nothing?

  • Applications, fitment questions, pricing
    Performing a gradual break-in process will ensure the longevity of your newly installed brake pads. A proper break-in procedure will also help control braking pressure, brake vibration and brake noise.nothing?

  • Is there a way to determine if the brake pads are glazed by inspecting it visually?
    In order to determine if brake pads are glazed through visual inspection, look for a glassy or glazed finish throughout the brake rotor. The glaze can be removed simply by sanding or grinding away the excess material.nothing?

  • What causes the brakes to squeal?
    There are multiple factors that cause your vehicle brakes to squeal. Here are some of the reasons: Worn Brake Pads – Causes friction wear. Glazed Pads and Rotors – Creates constant contact with the rotor, resulting in excessive friction, and heat. Broken Anti-Rattle Clips – If worn or broken, pad vibration will cause squealing. Lack of Pad Insulation or Insulation Shims – Incorrect install of brake shims, or placement. Incorrect Rotor Surface – If not resurfaced, this allows the brake pads to ride up along the rotor.nothing?

  • Why should I perform the initial break-in procedure on newly installed brake pads?
    For any questions on new or current applications, please feel free to contact us directly. For questions related to fit, please read the related FAQ above. You may contact us directly for any inquiries on pricing.nothing?

  • What is the proper brake in procedure for braking in new brake pads?
    Test drive the vehicle while braking very gently from 20/mph to 5/mph without coming to a stop. Your brakes may not “grab” at first, so allow plenty of time to slow down. Repeat this process ten times. Now, brake “normally” from 40/mph to 10/mph without coming to a stop. Repeat this “normal braking” process five times. Allow ½ mile cool off between slow downs. If you are breaking in new rotors, park your car for one hour after performing the cycles listed above. A gradual cool down of one hour will help prevent rotors from warping. Finally, avoid “panic stops” for the first 300 miles (Unless it is an emergency). nothing?

  • Returns ....
    Returning parts you don't need or don't want shouldn't be difficult. That's why we have a very simple return policy which is easy to use and easy to understand: » You may return any new-in-the-box item for any reason for up to 30 days from the recorded date of delivery. » All returns must be accompanied by an RMA number, available from customer service. » Items which are returned as a result of delivery refusal or without an RMA number are eligible for store credit only. » Some items are special order or are shipped factory direct. Such items, if returned, will incur a restocking fee. » Shipping costs, whether original or return, are always non-refundable. Easy, right? We thought so. nothing?

  • So My package came, and it seems that I didn't revice everything I ordered ...
    So you ordered 15 different components but Todd the UPS guy only dropped off 2 boxes on your front porch (though you've got to admit he did so quite stylishly for a guy in brown short-shorts… Todd can pull it off.), and you're absolutely certain you haven't received everything you ordered. Before you reach out to us, please open your boxes and unpack them completely. In order to save you money and make sure Todd's bosses aren't hosting champagne brunches for their Maserati polo club pals, we make every effort to master-pack your parts as densely as possible. By reducing the number of packages required to ship your order, the shipment is at lower risk for partial loss in transit and the items themselves are more snug and insulated. That being said, there are occasions where items from one order are shipped separately for one reason or another, so if you've unpacked your boxes, don't see everything from your order, and haven't previously discussed the partial shipment with customer service, feel free to reach out to us. Oh, and tell Todd we said hi the next time you see him. nothing?

  • Why aren't you responeding to my emails ?!?!?!
    The good news is that we respond to all of the emails… that we actually receive. If your email was successfully received, you'll get a prompt email confirmation receipt right back to let you know we did receive your message and will respond. If you do not receive one of these automated (yet deceptively charming) confirmations, then we recommend the usual steps to tame wild email gremlins (ie please whitelist our email address, double-check your spam/junk mail box—we're looking at you, AOL users), and send us another message. Reward yourself with a happy dance when the confirmation email appears. nothing?

  • Where is my order, and how long is to going to take !
    Hey, that was two questions! Ah, it's ok. Once an order is received, allocated to you, and paid for, the order will show its status as "Processing." This is one of our normal order statuses that means your order is now in the shipping process and being handled by our warehouse or distribution center staff. Some items are factory direct, and you will see your order stay in processing status for 2-3 days while that item is in transit from the factory to the shipping terminals. Orders received late on Fridays will show processing status all weekend, even when they have already been packed, since the shipping companies do not pick up items on Saturday or Sunday. Once the packages are picked up by the shipping company a tracking email will be sent to you with the tracking number.